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Divya Rai
Doctor Dr. Ila Pandey is one of the best doctor I have met. She cured me from Dengue last year and this year from Covid-19. The best part of her that she acts fast and is always available to answer queries. I am very satisfied after consultation with her and will always recommend her.
Vishal Chawla
Thank you for being the best doctor! Your great explanation of my illness and giving me hope that I can recover in COVID - 19 gave me the strength to face this life's challenge. Knowing that you are my doctor, I feel safe. My trust and confidence are always with you.
gaurav seth
Dr. Ila Pandey is one of the best I have come across during COVID. She has been responsive and today I give all the credit for recovery of my entire family to Dr. Ila Pandey. God bless.
My siblings and I recently lost our beloved mother to liver cirrhosis. My father lost his wife of 62 years of marriage . While we were grappling with the unbearable and irreparable loss of our mother, my grieving father fell very sick and was brought to Medanta in a completely dysfunctional state. I was kind of sick to stomach since flying India from USA would have not been possible in this pandemic time . My father was previously who presented numerous layers of cardiovascular problems, successfully treated and operated by Dr. Naresh Trehan at Medanta . This time my father presented extreme glucose escalations, kidney urine and blood infections and was completely disabled. Dr. Pandey, a renowned internal medicine specialist trained at KGMC Lucknow and Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Nepal took him under her care at Medanta Lucknow . Dr. Pandey presented highest degree of professional competence and quickly rescued my father from the claws of disease. Within few days my father became fit enough to return to his home that he loves and built over his life-time. We are profoundly grateful that Dr. Ila Pandey saved my father. Having lost our mother barely a month ago, it would have been extremely unbearable for our families to lose our father too. The joy that our father is safe and back at home is indescribable. Credit goes entirely to Dr. Ila Pandey’s professional competence in internal medicine and her specialized training in geriatric care which is evident through her peer-reviewed publication. When you pray to God to save a dear one from the claws of disease/death, ‘He’ sends a doctor. My father lives and we as a family feel glorious to have him live and to express our gratitude to God that he put my father under the care of Dr. Pandey and her team. Thank you Dr. Pandey. We are forever thankful to you for saving my father. Thank you for being there for your patients and their families. I also recommend specially USA based NRI to consult Medanta Lucknow or Gurgaon for better treatment( Dr. Trehan at Gurgaon and Dr. Ila Pandey at Lucknow)
Madhoo Ahuja.M.D.
8 Bellwood Lane ,Ithaca ,NY-14850, USA
Doctor Ila Pandey has been treating me from Jan 2020, and I am very satisfied and happy with the treatment she has provided me, for my multiple medical issues connected with diabeties, anemia , hypertension and ostopaenia . She is always very warm and approachable and full of empathy . She goes out of her way to help and has been extremely responsive. Dr Ila is highly competent and professionally updated. I would like to continue with my treatment with her till the end of my extended stay in India. I wish her the very best in her career.